Free and impartial money advice
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We give free, independent and confidential guidance and assistance to people in the community on managing money providing a whole life cycle approach to money management using our unique PAIS approach, Providing:

Debt Prevention and money management sessions,
ctive Intervention guidance on the resolution of immediate money and debt issues.
Plus additional help in Sustaining the position after any immediate issues are resolved.

We provide the tools and empowerment towards long term debt free sustainability.

We are a by referral only service. If you would like to use our services please contact an existing advice service. e.g. the CAB, KLARS, or the Purfleet Trust and they can refer you to us.
If you experience any difficulty in this please contact us directly and we will assist you.
ComVida CIC
07415 041512
  • For more information please contact us:
    For Prevention Services please contact:                
    For Active Intervention Service please contact:
      mob: 07415 041512
  • Mailing Address
  • Comvida

    39 Northgate Way

    Terrington St Clement

    Kings Lynn PE34 4LD